Goku vs Saitama One Punch Man Who is the Strongest

Goku vs Saitama: One Punch Man anime TV shows was released a year back in the mid 2015, which amused millions of people with such an awesome comic show. One Punch Man was a super hit show and that is why the season 2 has been announced and will be released soon as well. As we all know Saitama who is the One Punch Man, know for killing his enemies with just one punch has never lost to anyone. But is it true that Goku can defeat Saitama? Will a match between Goku vs Saitama will prove who is the strongest among both of them? So to answer your question I have created this discussion of what happens will Goku vs Saitama are in a battle with each other.
Goku vs Saitama One Punch Man
We all know about Goku from Dragon Ball series who has now reached the level of SSJ God Blue form which is the highest till now. On the other hand we have Saitama, who can defeat anyone with just one punch but a death battle between them just be enough to find out the powerful out of the both. To put it in simple terms of comic and anime saga, these two characters are from different series and they do not come from same timeline as well. So, a  battle between them would prove nothing but if you really want to put an end to this and find who is the strongest, then Goku would win by any chance.

 Goku vs Saitama - Who is the Strongest of both

So there are many reasons why Goku would beat Saitama, who hasn't used his full potential till now which is strange. Where as Goku has reached power of god and battling with the god of destruction is not a easy task. On the contrary he can shoot Ki, teleport easily, faster than saitama and can shoot Kamehameha would defeat One Punch Man easily.
I know there are many Saitama fans who would go against me but it is true that Saitama might not have used his full power yet. But at the same time we know Saitama trained for hardly some years, where as Goku has been doing heavy training since ages. He even trained under 1000G of force which is  a lot to take and equaling a god at fight takes lots of guts indeed.

Round 1: Speed Challenge  - Goku vs Saitama 

In terms of speed we can go with Goku as he can run faster than Saitama entirely. We could only see Saitama running faster like 200 times the sound in the finale of Season 1. Where as Goku can teleport, so he need no speed but eventually he has speed and he can fly as well.

Round 2: Strength - Goku vs Saitama

Saitama is strong but Goku has been beaten by God of destruction and another evil God from Dragon Ball Super series. This means that Goku even after taking so many hits can deliver Super Kamehameha even with the lowest of his strength. On the other hand we have seen Saitama defeat boros without any struggle which shows his quite powerful. But Goku has super strength, and he can transform into god form as well along with his super trick hidden, Kia Ken 10 Times which he used in Dragon Ball Super series. Even in the round 2 we can see that Goku is powerful in terms of strength against Saitama.
Eventually as per two rounds we find that Goku can defeat Saitama easily, even though he is a super human with one punch kill power. Here we end another of our post on the updates regarding One Punch Man Season 2 Release date and news.
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